Friday, July 2, 2010

Current Watch: Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce. City Council Stands Firm and Moves Swiftly to Get Oversight Board in Place

...either uninformed or simply being misled.."

"...has been on table for a year..."

"...not appreciative of the fear mongering.."

"...we have a moral and ethical need to act.."

"...yes.  We are ready to move this forward tonight.."

And so they did.  The comments above are all from sitting council members.  Not from the visibly shaken current President and CEO of our Chamber of Commerce.

In a historic first time ever show of firm resolve, our City Council held firm last night and pushed into a long session to make minor changes in language to the new ordinance designed to protect the money flow of our Accommodations Tax revenues.

Very minor changes to language in the new Ordinance #12, Series of 2010 were decided upon and authority given by council to the city attorney to have rewrite in place for the next council meeting's approval.

smalltown7 remains wanting answers to all questions in our summary post below. 

We also feel completely confident that never again will the loopholes that have allowed for only in house oversight of themselves by the Chamber/Marketing Vendor be allowed to surface.  Future accountability is going to be in place.

This is a major win for the citizens of Glenwood Springs.

The fact that it was blatantly obvious the usual full court press was visibly shaken and highly uneffective in swaying council; did escape our local press coverage.

Again, smalltown7 takes the win.

The future of the largest revenue base Glenwood Springs has will now be in the hands of a diverse board. 

It is up to the citizens of Glenwood Springs to empower themselves now and make it a strong and autonomous from the marketing vendor, board.

Where will our Chamber of Commerce and it's Board of Directors end up as the now empowered city and citizens rise? a very good question, indeed.

After the display we watched last night, our guess here at smalltown8 is a continued attempt at more full court pressing to keep the Chamber's stranglehold on the revenues in place.

With a Chamber President and CEO under investigation, a very poor showing of gimics and flashy power point presentations on the quarterly marketing report that was completely lacking in actual numbers and returns for our money,  and a visibly missing show of physical supporters of old in the room; our guess is the new Tourism Board will be looking hard for answers and asking some very tough questions.

Thank you, sitting council of 2010.  You have a clear path ahead of you now and have done as asked.  Awakened and taken charge.

It will be very, very interesting to watch the next two weeks unfold for our council and our citizens as the end of an era dissolves.