Saturday, September 4, 2010

Current Watch: Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association: "Whistle Blowers spanning over a decade finally achieve victory in Glenwood Springs, Colorado"

On September 2nd, 2010, the Glenwood Springs City Council authorized the seating of nine individuals, who will now make up the first tourism oversight board in the history of Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

While very disappointing to see that back-door politics have allowed three Chamber of Commerce seats to be held instead of ordinance required one seat.  To see three directly associated tourism industry seats to be held instead of ordinance required two seats.

While very encouraging to see two seats held by common citizens who are strong enough individuals to lend balance to the board.

The undeniable fact, that never again,  will there be any ability for zero transparency and accountability to the largest tax generated revenue base in the County of Garfield and the City of Glenwood Springs; is a victory that belongs to six women spanning the years of 1998-2010.

Tourism Business Representatives and Chamber of Commerce Board Member:
Steve Beckley
Ken Murphy (current Chamber Board of Directors)

Lodging Representatives:
John Bosco (Hot Springs Pool)
Peter Tijm (current Chamber Board of Directors)

Chamber Representative:
Carl Moak (current Chamber Board of Directors)

Citizen Representatives and current previous Tourism Board member:
Ian Exelberg (moves from long held seat on disbanded tourism board to new board)
Scott Hemmen
Don Gillespie
Judith Wilson

Collectively here at safeplace, we feel the chosen mix on the board will encounter a tougher road in attempting to bridge the chasm of the two factions that make up small business in the 81601 zip code.   This was a critical time to make appropriate choices that hold up under scrutiny. 

All on this board are good people.  It is the imbalance of weight in the carry-over of proven eyes that refused to see, proven ears that tuned out and proven courage that could not withstand coming under fire that will ultimately be the burden of the community to continue to carry. 

We also remain feeling that the small businesses and common citizens on the side of the rift that ultimately bears that burden are no longer at disadvantage.  The field is leveled now.   It just may take more time than your wishes shared with us hoped for.

In what started out as one voice almost twelve years ago, that raised collectively to global watch-dog attention today; the voices of the small have locked in awareness. 

When one believes in the power of good people unafraid to use the front door instead of the back, ultimately the good people win.

Good wishes, from the avatars of smalltown7 as this historic new board steps up.