Saturday, September 4, 2010

Current Watch: Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association: "Whistle Blowers spanning over a decade finally achieve victory in Glenwood Springs, Colorado"

On September 2nd, 2010, the Glenwood Springs City Council authorized the seating of nine individuals, who will now make up the first tourism oversight board in the history of Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

While very disappointing to see that back-door politics have allowed three Chamber of Commerce seats to be held instead of ordinance required one seat.  To see three directly associated tourism industry seats to be held instead of ordinance required two seats.

While very encouraging to see two seats held by common citizens who are strong enough individuals to lend balance to the board.

The undeniable fact, that never again,  will there be any ability for zero transparency and accountability to the largest tax generated revenue base in the County of Garfield and the City of Glenwood Springs; is a victory that belongs to six women spanning the years of 1998-2010.

Tourism Business Representatives and Chamber of Commerce Board Member:
Steve Beckley
Ken Murphy (current Chamber Board of Directors)

Lodging Representatives:
John Bosco (Hot Springs Pool)
Peter Tijm (current Chamber Board of Directors)

Chamber Representative:
Carl Moak (current Chamber Board of Directors)

Citizen Representatives and current previous Tourism Board member:
Ian Exelberg (moves from long held seat on disbanded tourism board to new board)
Scott Hemmen
Don Gillespie
Judith Wilson

Collectively here at safeplace, we feel the chosen mix on the board will encounter a tougher road in attempting to bridge the chasm of the two factions that make up small business in the 81601 zip code.   This was a critical time to make appropriate choices that hold up under scrutiny. 

All on this board are good people.  It is the imbalance of weight in the carry-over of proven eyes that refused to see, proven ears that tuned out and proven courage that could not withstand coming under fire that will ultimately be the burden of the community to continue to carry. 

We also remain feeling that the small businesses and common citizens on the side of the rift that ultimately bears that burden are no longer at disadvantage.  The field is leveled now.   It just may take more time than your wishes shared with us hoped for.

In what started out as one voice almost twelve years ago, that raised collectively to global watch-dog attention today; the voices of the small have locked in awareness. 

When one believes in the power of good people unafraid to use the front door instead of the back, ultimately the good people win.

Good wishes, from the avatars of smalltown7 as this historic new board steps up.


Anonymous said...

It's better than it was. The money and the power is now out of Marianne Virgili's control.

I don't think council even noticed what they were doing in allowing Murphy and Tijm sit on both tourism and chamber boards. Or in calling Bosco a lodging rep (which he is) and not accounting for the fact that he is also deep tourism of old club.
I don't think they even see that shuffling Ian Exelbert off of the tourism slot they had him under at first (which is appropriate because he has sat the old tourism board for some time)and making it look like he's just a citizen with no tourism ties is highly inappropriate.

No, I don't think city council sees anything at all about these things.

And that is the most worrisome point of all.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the entire downtown sector got blown off for selection.

It's better than it was. They needed to come out of the gate in a sprint, though.

Not a crawl.

I'm disgusted. Fed up. My call goes out to Gillespie, Hemmen and Wilson. You are the only hope that we have to get us out of the viral marketing game, out of the gimics and promotions game, out of the school of thought that the money flow from heads in beds pumps nothing but attractions and spas.

We'll see if you get any real support from city council.

Anonymous said...

We'll see. In the meantime, I'll bank on more of the same.

scarcity said...

If after the past few days there isn't strong action to investigate, then the only conclusion one can possibly draw is that Garfield County and the City of Glenwood Springs believe that allowing this vein to run through our county and community is above reproach.

I disagree.

That is not leadership. It is wrong.

Last time I wrote into this site I expressed my optimism was returning because of your efforts. I am sorry.

I only have optimism that someday this new way of control will perform really well. There is no way, with this much power toppling it before it even gets out of the chute that it can do much of anything in it's first year.

I'm so sickened by the elected officials and law enforcement that we have doing nothing, I want to not vote, not care, not participate in attempting reform and change.

We have a depth of apathy towards potential corruption in this town that blows the mind. It is like handing out hall passes to the chamber board and Marianne. Free ride on the backs of the people with no consequences to this non-profit organization. If they don't have the guts to go after them for a forensic audit to make absolute certain, then go after the obvious. That obvious is a complete lack of ethics in an organization held to a higher standard.

Circle the political drain all you wish, politicians. This voter will make certain it's clear and sucking well.

Call me beyond disgusted said...

smalltown where are all of our comments? I know a lot of people sayin that they aren't getting put up on the blog. I know a lot of mine aren't either. Enough of this pampering these people. Enough of it. Diplomacy be damned. The PI is a disgrace on this last round. A disgrace. There isn't any excuse for county, city and law to not answer our questions and our needs. None. They keep it up stalemate on all of this then the only answer is the obvious. Somebodys out there getting either political stroking or more. The side that's Virgili's and the chamber is so far out of control I'm beginning to doubt if they could get a grip on it and corral it if they tried. Just strike up that band for more pull the ring in the nose of officials while dancing the ring around the rosie song. What a mess. Sickening and disgraceful mess plastered all over the world. lmao that my taxes every time I bring a guest into a hotel in this town are paying for that smear campaign.

Finnder1 said...

And how is this supposed to work? RFP goes out. Chamber bids. All three chamber reps going to abstain? Come to think of it, when we have three members of the chamber board, now sitting on this board that is founded because of the concerns about their chamber; why has this been allowed? Murphy and Tijm should immediately resign from the chamber board. Talk about a conflict of interest. In addition to the just plain flip off to the community over the ethics violation concerns alone at our chamber. I like the potential of what these three men could bring to the tourism table. But either leave the stink they ride in on behind or don't come forward. This is a back door sneak in that is wrong on so many levels it's pathetic.

For that matter, how about Bosco? Going to abstain when Kate and Vicki bid? Should. The pool is one of Nash's largest clients.

Complete snub to the downtown sector.

At least the money is now under lock and key. That may be the only saving grace here.

Call me beyond disgusted said...

Your right, smalltown. I apologize. Seeing Leo McKinney on the Post was just so much of a shock to me as being out of line. I really haven't recovered from it yet and am furious.