Thursday, June 10, 2010

Current Watch: Glenwood Springs City Council puts start of initiative forward to completely change oversight of Tourism Board and Chamber


Tremendous progress, albeit at the snail's pace our City Council is noted for, is in process as a result of the June 3rd, 2010 Glenwood Springs City Council meeting.

While the local newspaper is obviously being given limited information or is purposely not reporting all that is going on in the background regarding the Tourism Marketing Contract and oversight of the Chamber; smalltown7 is greatly encouraged by this progress.

We are also calling for fast movement in drafting the ordinance that changes oversight.

We are also calling for fast movement in putting together an RFP (Request for Proposals) for the 2011 awards.  Kate Collins, former VP at the Chamber of Commerce resigned on May 5th, 2010.   Kate's new firm, Write Brain Left, Inc. is one we are hoping makes a grab for the work.  Also Kim Doose and her local company, Snap Storm Media.  Both would be excellent candidates.

We remain calling for an immediate pull of the 2010 contract from the Chamber as mounting scandal is moving faster than our City Council.  It is a question of protecting what little remaining legitimacy and dignity this community has where the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association is concerned.

As smalltown7 conferenced last night to make final plans on how to move off the Current Watch on the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association now that both goals have been met.

 The goal of protecting public money is in process now after June 3rd. 

The goal of law enforcement awareness of tremendous deception within the Chamber has been and remains being met.

So, what to do from here?

One of the ideas is to start a new section to this SafePlace blog.  "Ongoing Status Watch".  All updates can then be shortened and dropped right in there.  Yes, we are now moving on to finish up what we have on the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Watch here for that Current Watch to move forward.

Thank you, City Council.  Now, get moving to clear us and put as much distance between the citizens and the Chamber as possible as the 9th Judicial District and City of Glenwood Springs begins to clean up the "multiple layers of deception" associated.

Congratulations again, Glenwood Springs.  This is a very, very big win for our community.

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