Friday, December 17, 2010

Current Watch: Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association: "New tourism oversight board mandates accounting of public funds be removed from chamber control"

smalltown7 commends the new Tourism Promotion Board for their recommendations to the city on December 16, 2010.

Requiring that the following changes be made before they would endorse recommending that the city keep it's verbal word from early 2010 to award the 2011 tourism marketing contract to the chamber.
  • Board oversight on every contract and sub-contract that GSCRA enters into on behalf of tourism promotion.
  • Accounting for any public monies in GSCRA's control for tourism promotion be pulled from the in-house methods controlled by the GSCRA staff and board of directors.  Moving instead to a private accountant to be determined by the Tourism Promotion Board.
With Councilman McKinney being the only absent vote, City Council, at their regularly scheduled meeting last night  unanimously  voted to accept the requirements of the new oversight board.

Locals have been aware, since mid-November, that the new board found it necessary to call for the ability to hold executive session meetings as needed.  No surprise to all who know the inner-workings of the protracted relationship between the decades old marketing contract held by the chamber and city council. 

Other changes over the past few months where tourism oversight and the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association are concerned are transparency and accountability requirements.

  • Public disclosure of tourism board minutes have never been available without an act of God or Congress to get them out of the hands of chamber staff.  Since the onset of the first tourism board, unilateral control was held by the chamber in selecting the board members, setting the agenda and controlling the minutes in-house.  At any time, during City Hall hours, anyone may view the minutes of the tourism board meetings now that they are city controlled by the new oversight board.  City clerks can help you access.  Another change in logistics is the posting of board meeting dates will now be done on the city calendar.

  • Accountability for the types of promotion done by the chamber, as the current marketing vendor has also occured.   Locals have watched the glimpses given at city council meetings of the new board  vetoing gimmick type promotions and admin expenditures.  Instead obviously choosing to head more in a direction conducive to less fat in the administration of the contract  and more substance in promoting draws rather than gimmick promotions.
  • Once the 2011 contract and the 2010 verbal concede to give that contract to the chamber is completed, all future contracts are to be done under RFP process and competitive award. 

Overall, safeplace is exceptionally pleased with the strength and also the courage of this new board.  Thank you, from the many citizens within 81601 who have encouraged you for close to two years now.

smalltown7 keeps talking.

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