Saturday, June 11, 2011

Current Watch: Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Assoc. “City refuses transparency to taxpayers”

“smalltown7 keeps talking.”

‘gws44’ bringing you this post.

"Official confirmation has been obtained that state and federal investigations are open into suspected misuse of public funds at the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Assoc.  

Further confirmation verifies investigations are outside of the local prosecutorial investigation rumored to be ongoing for the past aprx. 10 months by the 9th Judicial District Office of the District Attorney Martin Beeson.

The entire region is already aware that to date, there has been no official confirmation from 9th Judicial or the City of Glenwood Springs that any investigation into allegations of misuse of public funds by any chamber employee is ongoing.  'smalltown7' has been very vocal in asking the question of "why" has this information been kept from the general public and GSCRA sheltered? 

The obvious covering of any public or media exposure has been seen by the people as no different than the many years of our officials condoning all of the issues surrounding the accommodations tax and its use here in 81601.  

Also confirmed by  an agent of 9th Judicial is acknowledgment of tort remedies existing for the private citizen whistleblower and her family.   

On confirming that wildfire rumor directly with the victims, ‘smalltown7’ has learned that the scope of that imminent  suit is contained in what is known as criminal liability. 

It is understood by ‘smalltown7’ that the actions potentially acted upon in criminal investigations would have separate liabilities from any actions taken by a victim through tort litigation. 

We also understand from our own internal members within the legal field that it makes no difference in any way, the outcome or subject matter of any other litigation present in the victim’s life. 
The evidence is so overpowering as to what was done to her and her family and the failure of duty on multiple levels  so documented; there is no protection anywhere for any entity or individual that sanctioned or failed to stop the acts committed. 

After a great deal of internal discussion within our group and a number of our followers; ‘smalltown7’ returns back to the one undeniable and original issue we have had all along.

Which is the complete and utter lack of  transparency within the City of Glenwood Springs over the decades of allegations against the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Assoc. 

Over the next few days, ‘smalltown7’ will attempt to narrow down any and all remaining issues we see.

And return to posting regularly here on safeplace so that you can speak up safely and freely."

‘smalltown7’ goes live.


Anonymous said...

It was Thanksgiving 2008 when the word got out about Virgili undermining this family. Spread through the construction ranks in the valley faster than wildfire in dry, dry timber. Back then all anybody in law enforcement had to do was ask anybody (and there're many out here)a cross-wise question about Virgili, her lady friends and the ex. Some of the biggest liers and low-lifes in the area they all are. I would like to know where authority and law enforcement have been all this time? Even a fool can see the power of legal action against the biggest failure of duty and gross misconduct of a few. Trouble is, who pays the bill? Taxpayers, thats who. Hope its true that feds are on this. Seems to be the only way to get anything done around here.

glenwoodsprings22 on behalf of smalltown7 said...

We'd like everyone to stay focused only on the chamber, the city and the individuals who put our city in this situation. Stay off all victims from this point forward, please. They finally have the help they need and finally there are strong and good authorities doing their duty. Aim for getting this mess of ours (the City of Glenwood Springs mess) cleaned up for good.

Garcia said...

Welcome back. The bogus halting of open comments on the PI after infinity2010 aka Virgzilla posted up leaks from a court hearing, that rag ran for cover from upcoming lawsuits and ditched all comments. Word is that Swift is dumping all accounts and records. There's no place to go to finish getting this septic tank finished and cleaned up except comments when you guys roll. Welcome back. Spending $9k of this taxpayers budget money out of infrastructure in the city budget, for fireworks that should be funded by Strawberry Days proceeds instead of buying Marianne new furniture for the McMansion was the wrong thing to do to me while I remain out of work.

karainlongmont said...

This has always had nothing to do with anything except the city dropping the ball with handling, with ethics and even having a clue what people want. Has never been about anyone else, not even the whistleblowers.

There's only one person who wants everyone to think it's about some giant conspiracy against her and that's Marianne.

Sure has been a great cover story and has gotten a lot of people to fall for it. Even cops.

Can't last forever is what I've always said. Glad to see that maybe forever is past now and Glenwood Springs can dump the dead weight the whole thing puts on them and move forward.

Anonymous said...

Financial interest. No ability to make objective decision or bid proposal for RFP, Lewis, Virgili and 4 chamber board members have been a part of the entire thing.

Conflict of interest big time.

Having one seat for a chamber representative is fine but the only reason they have 4 out of 9 plus Lewis doing minutes and Virgili just presiding court is because of their experience with the marketing contract.

What is it that is so hard to figure out here? The answer is nothing, it has to be either a deliberate coverup, look the other way or we have a much bigger problem with possible corruption on city levels.

It doesn't matter if they have looked into allegations behind the scenes, they don't get to do that and have it be legal. It is public info.

Remove the chamber bid for conflict of interest and bias for letting them be involved beyond any sense of propriety.

Until all questions are answered, remove them from the tourism board and all consideration for any bidding.

Pretty basic.