Monday, October 24, 2011

Current Watch: "Non-Profit Organization Abuse and How to Blow the Whistle"

'smalltown8' responds to your  inquiries.  'gws44' bringing you this post:

"We still receive a lot of mail.  This blog was started in the summer of 2009.  At that time we  received tips and information that helped us track and finally be successful in our efforts to get city control of the tourism board, the accommodations tax, tourism marketing and the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association's role.

We were, at one time,  open to the questions on doing other 'Current Watch' tracking of abuse in non-profit organizations.

We did take on one other concern on a 501C-6 that was in our local area.  Fortunately, unlike GSCRA, they had a Board of Directors who believed ethics and public perception of their organization was the most important consideration.  While handling the problem itself, they held themselves accountable and transparent.  They also cleaned house at the same time.  The end result was tremendous success.  And we were really happy to be able to pull them off 'Current Watch' and out of the public eye.

SafePlace took a lot of time and a lot of  heart.  We had/have a personal, vested interest because of our love and support of  our reluctant whistle.

We have decided, as a group, that we just aren't ready to take it all up again.  We probably will someday.  It's upsetting to see how many non-profits there are out there that the public has concerns about.  Especially in the business sector and dealing with Chambers of Commerce and promotional marketing such as tourism.  Very upsetting.

We hear and understand your frustration in your mails.

There is no place to go when you're  needing help with suspected abuse in a non-profit.  If you're a national presence or government entity then there are many resources that want to hear you.  But for the small ones, there really are none.

Someday,  we will fire back up again and lend a hand.

But for  now, please keep your emails coming and we'll be glad to give you our story.  We hope what  we learned and how we learned as we went on the best things to do to get results will help you.

Good luck."

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