Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Current Watch: "Tourism Marketing Contract 2012 and City of Glenwood Springs City Council Oversight"

Instead of continuing to answer individual emails with the right links, here again are the links to access the minutes archives, the new video library, the board meeting dates and the email address to set yourselves up to go in and view the tourism board minutes.

We are not certain, but do believe if you will just click on the links from this post, they will show as safeplace under #8 IP address.   takes you to the city's site.   takes you to the video feed.  takes you to the minutes and agenda archives for a number of years.  takes you to the meeting dates of all boards within city control and some county.

GWS44 here, posting these links to you.  And also bringing an interesting detail that should be watched on the upcoming 2/3/11 council meeting.

Today's PI, plus from the looks of things at least 2+ dozen search optimized newspapers and viral sites all over the country, has the article  on Randi Lowenthal's new idea. 

Avatars in comments on safe sites are commenting that they feel council should fund Randi and the Roaring Fork Resource Center's new project, with the 'cushion' Lindsay spoke of along about this time last year when the chamber was promoting themselves for the upcoming 2011 contract award.

This is a cushion that 81601 has heard about for a lot of years.  Usually during the friction moments each year when the chamber is on the hot seat.  Yet, it never shows up.  Not even when grant funds are hit because there is no money for events they say are related to tourism.   Like last year.

This year, smalltown7 calls out, here on SafePlace to our current  Glenwood Springs City Council, for a reveal of that cushion.  And then, a request for the decision on pulling that cushion over into promotion of small businesses in 81601 that are definitely going to be pulling in visitors and revenues into town under Randi Lowenthal's 'Economic Gardening' project.

The email address below is to the head city clerk who handles putting people on emailing lists for current council packets.  This is also where you set up to come in during City Hall hours to view the Tourism Board minutes. The answer to the question of why Lindsay is still doing the minutes of the Tourism Board, we cannot answer.


Anonymous said...

How long does it take them to get all this stuff posted? There still isn't anything and it's Tuesday.

glenwoodsprings 22 said...

btw, forgot.

I think it's perfect timing and a fabulous idea for current sitting council to round up that cushion in the tourism marketing contract and put it to use on Randi's big idea. It's a great idea and would go a very long ways in at least, shall we say, getting the 'soils testing'done for that bridge now needing to be built between the folks. You know, the one our current cc has blessed with holy water for the past 2,3, 4 years now. That chasm right down the middle of Grand. Perfect timing and a good use of those mysterious funds.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you guys really understand how many people out here appreciate what you've done, anybody who really knows Marianne Vrgili understands what it would take. Face it, you guy's have done what nobody else, including what looks like an elected District Attorney and a police chief could do. She's the most narcisstic, manipulative person I've ever known. What everyone is in shock over out here is how cruel she sunk to and the stupor anybody in power has been to allow it to go on. I doubt it could feel right because of the major problem this all is but if it could, pat yourselves on the back. Vote every single one of these council members out of office and then recall every single one that shows up as complacent while this was happening to any member of our community, I don't care who they are. Leo McKinney should have badgering charges against him if there is such a thing. That was sickening.

A lot of people I know are not going to be content with this chamber contract mess until we see the public accounting verified. If there is one dime out of whack, then the public should not rest until that is remedied. Sell the palace and have her do time.

ab22 said...

22 and everyone. Was reading through your comments and ask that you please try to watch your wording. Thank you.